E.M. Service is a family owned and operated business, serving the commercial, industrial and residential needs of Elyria, Lorain, and the Cleveland area since 1918.


Our Story

Originally called the Electrical and Mechanical Service Company, E.M. Service was established in 1918. The rapidly growing automotive industry provided the mainstay for the new company. Secondary to automobile work, electric motor repair was also available to local industry. Gradually, the electrical work increased to the point where customer demand forced the decision to concentrate on servicing electric motors, and the automotive side of the business was phased out.

E.M. Service

After struggling through the Great Depression, the company began to prosper in the late 30’s, eventually purchasing property on their present site in the early 40’s. Despite a shortage of building materials caused by World War II, a building was constructed in 1943 from “scavenged” material. During the war the company operated three shifts, 7 days a week; one particular machine operated continuously throughout the war.

E.M. Service experienced steady growth through the post-war years, and in the 1970’s the building was enlarged twice to add space for a major inventory expansion and the addition of a motor control line. As the cost of labor increased, product sales progressively became an integral part of the business. Over the last twenty-five years, E.M. Service has maintained growth, purchased new equipment, and expanded its fleet of delivery and service vehicles.

In 1995, the company entered the computer era. After experiencing the usual problems and frustrations of start-up, the employees and customers began to benefit from the computer’s use. Now E.M. Service is looking toward the opportunities the future holds. With more than a century of service to its customers, strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, expert electric motor repair, a knowledgeable staff, and a solid inventory base, E.M. Service is poised to continue its outstanding reputation for excellence well into the future. E.M. Service has been family owned and operated since its creation in 1918, and is now in its fourth generation of ownership.

E.M. Services